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Welcome to Comprehensive ENT

Thank you for considering Comprehensive ENT for your health care needs. As our name implies, our practice provides care to patients of any age and encompasses all aspects of otolaryngology including audiology and hearing aid services. As a small practice we have more flexibility with scheduling which allows more personal time with our patients when needed. When making an appointment or trying to arrange a surgery, our patients speak directly with our office staff. The scope of the practice includes medical and surgical treatment for ear infections, sinusitis, tonsillitis, and deviated septum as well as thyroid nodules, head and neck masses, salivary gland diseases, and cancer.

Our board certified audiologist is skilled at testing the hearing of a newborn or a geriatric patient. She is a medical specialist certified in hearing aid fitting. Because she does not work on commission, if a hearing aid is recommended, patients can trust that it will be one best suited for their hearing loss.

Comprehensive ENT regards its relationship with patients as a partnership based on mutual trust and confidence that helps us to provide the best medical care possible.

Our Top Services

surgery ENT Surgery We offer a number of surgical solutions for ear, nose and throat conditions. Learn More
ear Ear Ear disorders include a variety of conditions such as ear infections, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, vertigo, perforated eardrum, impacted earwax and more. An otolaryngologist working with an audiologist is the best team for treating your ear disorder. Learn More
nose Nose Our physicians and surgeons provide a full range of services to treat the sinus and nasal passages. We offer diagnostics as well as medical and surgical solutions for most conditions from treating a nasal blockage to re-sculpting the nasal tip. Learn More
thyroid Throat Most individuals have experienced a change in their voice at some point in their life, whether from vocal strain or a polyp. At the first sign of trouble, you should schedule an appointment with one of our experienced ENT physicians. Learn More
pediatrics Pediatrics Ear, nose and throat concerns are among the top reasons children visit their doctors. The best way to treat ENT disorders is to bring them to an ENT clinic, where multiple specialists work in collaboration for your child’s well-being. Learn More
hearing aids Hearing Aids You’ll work with your audiologist to choose the perfect pair of hearing devices for your needs. Once you’ve determined which hearing aids are right for you, your devices will be custom created for your ears. Learn More
hearing care Hearing Care Audiology evaluations consist of a series of tests used to determine whether a hearing loss or balance disorder exists. An audiologist will assess the results of each test to develop a treatment plan geared toward your unique condition. Learn More

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